How To Build An Ozone Generator

Green man's plans for an ozone generator.

Several people had expresed an interest in these plans for a home made ozone generator that were posted a while back. This is a very simple set up that anyone can put together in five minutes.
All you need to do is get the required parts.

It works as well as the expensive units costing $600 or more but it costs only about $20 or so. The ones that where made cost nothing it just depends on how good you are at scrounging.

A good source for the transformer is a shop that repairs or
installs neon signs. You can usually pick up a used one for next to zip.
If you go past their dumpster you might see one for free.

Keta says All Electronics has them for $20 - htttp://www.allcorp.com
Keta apparently put together one and he reports good results. They work great for me.

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